What to Do in Tenerife

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Questions and Answers

Any interesting things to do in Tenerife?Hi, me and a pal are going to tenerife next week on a holiday and im wondering is there anything interesting to do there, we are both 23 and i’ve heard the nightclubs are dangerous over there, is this truth? Thanks.

Posted by Sean M
[display_name id=”1″]Like every other answerer, I’m assuming you’re referring to Las Veronicas. A few years ago, things got a bit out of hand, with drug deals going down, violent crime and rife pickpocketing.
The police eventually clamped down on things and it’s not too bad these days (although I wouldn’t go anywhere near it on a night – but that’s just me).
You won’t get anymore loud, aggressive, drunken behaviour around the bars and nightclubs of Veronicas than you would in any UK city centre.

You could check out my new site, if you want. It’s still being compiled, but contains lots of information about Tenerife that you might find useful or interesting.

Hope your holiday is great!


Whats the best thing to do in tenerife?

Posted by blondeicehockeyfan
[display_name id=”1″]Sunbathing and socialising.

TENERIFE QUESTIONS ON PRICES?How much will it cost to go 15 miles from the airport to a hotel?

How much are beers?

Posted by saved1986
[display_name id=”1″]Tenerife South Airport to the Los Cristianos/Las Americas area should cost about 22-25 euros in a taxi. There is a bus (number 111) every half hour that stops at the airport and goes to Las Americas via Los Cristianos. The fare on that should be a lot cheaper than a taxi!

As for beer prices, it very much depends on where you go. The obviously tourist areas will charge a lot more than a typically Canarian bar.

For loads of general info on Tenerife, why not check out my site:


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Tourist Islands

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Questions and Answers

Is Oak island a tourist trap?Of all the stories one hears about Oak island NS I think it is nothing more than a tourist trap.
Why would someone bury something that far down with no chance of retrieving it.I think it is nothing more than a lot of wish full thinkig and the hole is a sink hole.That must be tru because people sure sunk a lot of money in it.Also anything they found in the hole has always dissaperead.Any body has any thought on it??

Posted by Fred S
[display_name id=”1″]What keeps people hunting around on Oak Island is the fact that there is just enough evidence that possibly something is hidden there. As with most “old” pieces of evidence, it’s fragmentary and open to interpretation. Will someone someday figure out a way to excavate safely and answer the question totally, either by finding something or by proving that nobody at any earlier time could have dug a hole that deep? Well, there is no way to determine what will happen in the future. Since I am unlikely to invest any money in an “Oak Island” excavation, and since, even if there is something buried in the famous skink hole, none of it will ever be likely to belong to me, I think the best course of action is to let other people be the ones who worry about it.

How many tourists does the island Donousa recieve per year?Sorry this is for my geography coursework. If you could help this would be great! Thanks. Jo.

Posted by Jo
[display_name id=”1″]This is the only thing I could find out:
donousa has a total of 120rooms to rent for tourists (and only in the summer), it has a total of 120 inhabitants (2001 census).
It’s distance from piraeus (athens port) is 120, so a bit closer than santorini, and santorini I remember took forever to reach by boat (about 7-9 hs), so it’s doubtful that they get much tourism from the mainland, probably people coming from other islands for the day…

Roughly, I’d make an estimate this way:
considering the only tourism they get is summer tourism, I’d say they work only for the months of may-september. 5 months, so 21 weeks.
Most people stay an average of 10 days (some 7 days, others 14, so I’m taking an average). So we’ve got 2.1 sets of tourists per room.
120rooms x 2.1=252.
Since each room is usually occupied by 2.5 people (on average)

I’d say there are a maximum of 756 tourists (that actually STAY there) per year, if we assume that the rooms will all be full all the time.

Personally I’d take that value and divided by half, if tourism was actually good a lot more greeks would move to donousa to make money off the tourists. They don’t… Which makes me think those 120 rooms are not always full, actually, they must be almost always empty… So make it: 300 tourists per year.

I can’t think of how many would come for just a few hours from the neighboring islands, it depends on how many boat trips they have per day, if they have one coming in the morning and one leaving in the evening and so forth.

But my educated guess is a total of 370 tourists per year total.

Tourist spot in hawaii (big island)?What are the major tourist attraction in hawaii (big island) we can go? Me and my husband will stay in big island for only 5 days so we want to go to the major tourist attractions..
I only need big island hawaii pls.. =) thanks.

Posted by hawaiian
[display_name id=”1″]My boyfriend and I were there last October and it was great. Our favorite place was the Waipio Valley on the north end of the valley. We had rented a SUV so we drove down the valley, but I wouldn’t suggest it if you don’t have 4-wheel drive.

Volcano National Park is an obvious must-see. Plan to spend at least 1/2 day there unless you are into more hiking and then do a full day. There are helicopter rides that will take you over the park to see the sights, but they are pretty pricey and not worth it unless you are going to see the lava flow. Sometimes the flow is accessible from the ground. Check out the National Park website to see what the latest update is.

Go to the green sand beach on the south end of the island. It’s a 2 mile hike from the parking area, so be forewarned. We didn’t know and showed up in flipflops ready for the beach. The black sand beach is nice as well and there is a good chance you’ll see sea turtles there.

Check out one of the Kona coffee plantations while your there – even if you aren’t a coffee drinker, it’s pretty interesting and the coffee makes for a good gift for those at home because Kona coffee is so famous.

Favorite place to eat – Hawaiian Style Cafe in Kamulea for a great breakfast. And a luau for a dinner and show.

We drove around the island twice stopping at interesting points along the away. The first day we started going north but we had only made it half-way around the island by 6pm so we had dinner and drove the rest of the way to the hotel. The second day we started going south from the hotel and stopped at the interesting spots along the way. (You can drive all the way around the island in 4-5 hours if you don’t stop.) We stayed in Waikoloa. And plan at least one day to just lay on the beach and do a little swimming. It is a Hawaiian vacation after all. Most important: HAVE FUN!

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Cayman Islands Health Insurance Changes

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Visiting the Canary Islands

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Questions and Answers

What is the best canary island to visit ?Can you explain why?

Posted by Sweet Thang
[display_name id=”1″]Tenerife – It really does have it all – have fun.

Which country to visit: Costa Rica, Canary Islands, or Morocco?My fiance and I are considering Santa Teresa, Costa Rica; Agadir, Morocco; and the Canary Islands as our honeymoon destination. We are leaning towards the Canary Islands, but I’ve read the beaches there are too cold to swim in?

Anyways, we enjoy swimming at the beach, hiking, ziplines, snorkeling, basically anything adventurous or full of activities. Nightlife isn’t a big factor for us, but staying away from resorts is..we prefer experiencing the culture, somewhere less crowded and off the beaten path..

So what do you think ? Canary Islands, Agadir, or Santa Teresa? Which islands of the Canary Islands are good for beaching and hiking both?

Thanks so much.

Posted by Samantha
[display_name id=”1″]I’ve never been in Costa Rica but I know very well Canary islands and Morocco. If you want a totally different experience than go To Morocco.
The sites, the people, the food, the beach, the desert, the heat. The handicraft or just seat outside drinking a mint tea in Marrakesh’s main square.
Marrakesh. Fez, Casablanca and many more wonderful cities full of history and many surprises around each corner.
Canary islands do not have as much character and its mainly Playa del Ingles the only one with white sand or the small desert of Maspalomas. I regreted the money I’ve spent in that trip. Anyway if you want to buy tax free gadgets its the place.

Travel in Tenerife, Canary Islands?We’re thinking of visiting Tenerife in the Canary Islands. We like hiking, history, active adventures. Any suggestions?

Posted by Love ‘n Joy
[display_name id=”1″]If you prefer “hiking, active adventures” I would recommend better the Island of La Palma in the Canary Archipelago. It´s more beautiful, the vegetation is richer and the volcanoes are impressive : Los tilos(great laurisilva) and Taburiente(with camping area and a lot of walking)
Of course Tenerife has it´s own attractive, in the north part and the Teide.
Hope you have fun.

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